The 10 Best Weed Grinders of 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For hardcore regular marijuana smokers, the weed grinder is the unsung hero of their paraphernalia collection. Of course, it is not absolutely necessary to have the best grinder existing on the market because you can break up buds yourself or use scissors for super-sticky ganja. But, let’s face it. Does any serious marijuana consumer skimp … Read more

The 5 Best Commercial LED Grow Lights of 2018 [Reviewed]

When it comes to growing weed indoors, one of the most important factors is the grow light that you use. If you choose the wrong light, then your plants won’t grow properly or they’ll grow more slowly than desired. With the number of options available on the market, it can feel overwhelming to choose a … Read more

Best Odor Control for Cannabis: Top 5 Charcoal Filters

Sweet, fruity, minty, skunky — the aroma of cannabis plants is a key feature of every crop, as it’s frequently the first hint of the characteristics and quality. The odor of cannabis comes from compounds called terpenes. While these oil-producing compounds are essential for the plants, they make a loathsome challenge for cannabis growers. This … Read more

10 Best Stealth Grow Boxes & Cabinets in 2018 – Top Reviews!

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Best Hydroponic System for Growing Cannabis in 2018

Hydroponics systems for growing cannabis imply the growing without the use of soil. The plant root system obtains nutrients in a water-based growing medium instead of the getting them from the soil. Hydroponic grow system helps you grow weed much faster than you would otherwise grow in a traditional soil system. It’s true that growing … Read more

The Best Temperature & Humidity Controllers For Grow Rooms

Now that you’re growing your own cannabis, the humidity and temperature in the grow room are two of the most important things to consider. In order to grow a quality crop, you must have control over the humidity and temperature your plants are exposed to. This means you will most likely need a grow room air … Read more

Top 10 Best Inline Fans for Cannabis Grow Room: 2018 Reviews

Growing cannabis requires lots of equipment, and this is especially true if you’re growing indoors in a grow room or tent. The right equipment, such as the best inline fans, enables pot growers to achieve more seasons annually and produce high-quality plants. Besides, it allows you to grow cannabis with peace of mind without having … Read more

Best T5 Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis – 2018 Reviews

Fluorescent lights were, until recently, an unlikely choice for indoor weed growers. However, in the last few years, grow light manufacturers have started producing stronger units that can actually guide a plant through its vegetative stage. The reason for this? Energy savings and low running temperatures (about 95ºF). The low heat emissions allow growers to … Read more

Best Nutrients & Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis – Top Reviews!

Law regulations that have recently come into force in the United States and some other countries have legalized growing marijuana for medicinal purposes and recreational use. That has removed the longtime stigma associated with cannabis forever. As a result, more and more people are raising marijuana crops at home in a controlled environment. Growing cannabis … Read more

Top 5 Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Cannabis 2018

LED grow lights are still relatively new in cannabis growing, but they have been steadily gaining in popularity among weed growers. Their emerging success shouldn’t raise any eyebrows: LED grow lights are great for indoor hydroponic grows. They produce less heat, use less energy and offer better light quality. An average quality LED grow light … Read more