BestVA X5 1000W COB LED Grow Light Review

Bestva’s X5 1000-Watt COB LED Grow Light is great value for money. One reason is because regular LED grow lights put out more heat than chip-on-board (COB) LED panels. In fact, these panels have a variety of key advantages!

BestVA X5 1000W review
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What Is A COB LED?

A COB LED is comprised of a number of chips packaged together. Bestva COB LEDs look small, but they give off more light than regular LEDs without taking up more space. The diodes in each COB LED are in a single circuit. This is why a COB LED gives off less heat and the risk of broken circuits is lower. That’s not the only reason, however – it’s also because it is packaged with fewer soldered points.

The aluminum and ceramic substrate transfer the heat generated to an external heat sink, cooled by fans. This type of light is very reliable because heat can be controlled very easily.

Another interesting characteristic of COB LEDs is that they have a relatively big viewing angle, so lenses aren’t needed to create this effect. They also have stronger light and better color mixing even from a smaller panel.

Bestva X5 1000-Watt COB LED Module features include full-spectrum visible light, from 410 to 730nm (410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, Infrared (730nm), coverage area of about 3.8 x 3.6-feet depending on height (from 3.94 to 6.56-feet), consumption of 234W (although it’s rated for 1000W), panel size 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36-inches, and panel weight of 7.05 pounds. Each Epistar COB chip is 200W, and the item is safe to use in bloom stages.


According to the producer, the product has a three-year warranty. Shipping for repairs in the first six months following purchase is free. There is some risk of damage – the product is shipped from China among other things – and some users have complained that the item works only six months and there is, in fact, no three-year warranty. These cases are few and far between and we have no reason to suspect that they are the norm.

The item’s lifetime is up to 50,000 hours of use, which is over 5 years of uninterrupted 24/7 use. It accepts voltage in the range of 85 to 265V and is equipped with a power cord and hanging hook. The product is ROHS and CE certified.

Value For Money

This panel is much cheaper than a traditional LED panel of the same wattage. It runs quite cool so there is no need to worry about overheating the plants. You’ll need less ventilation than with a hot light. Its convenient size makes it perfect for a small grow tent.

Its light spectrum imitates natural sunlight, which is why you can also use it in the vegetative stage of weed growing. The PAR (photo-synthetically available radiation) at 20 inches from the top of the plant is 2170. Its PAR is 670 even at the biggest recommended height of over six and a half feet above the plant. Read on for more details regarding PAR.

Bestva is an enthusiastic underdog competing with more famous brands, such as Bridgelux’s Vero and Cree’s CXA. The light is excellent value, well-made and lightweight. It is very bright and strong and offers great value for money. Here’s something to keep in mind though – you should be able to recognize if you’ve received what you ordered. The X500 has the same COB chips as the BestVA 1500W, but it has no dimmer dial.

The Deal with Photo-Synthetically Available Radiation

Basically, the PAR number is directly proportional to the light volume plants can use – the higher it is, the more light there will be. According to Bestva, the light emitted by the panel is 100% usable. None of the light is wasted for heat like with HPS or metal halide lamps.

PAR measures light from 400nm to 700nm, from infrared through red to blue. These colors help cannabis grow. In the flowering phase, red is particularly important. Light that is pleasing to the human eye is not necessary conducive to good, stable plant growth, so it doesn’t matter if you like it. Look for PAR features when shopping around for a light panel in case you decide not to go for this one.

Our Final Review

If you’re on a tight budget and have a small grow tent, this product would be a great choice, helping you achieve good quality light without a lot of risk or investment.

This isn’t the only such product on the market though – other options include the Morsen MAX5 1500W COB Led Grow Light Full Band, the Gianor 1200W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Double, the Yougeyu Led Grow Light Panel 45W 225 LED, and BESTVA 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light.

Please read our other articles if you’re looking for traditional LED light panels! We’re constantly updating them to include information about each and every new product on the market.

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