Smoking Hemp Flower Will Change the Way You Think About CBD

Smoking Hemp Flower

Marijuana can be a fun and relaxing way to get some CBD into your system. But roll a joint of some hemp strains and smoke it a few times, or try out some of the CBD Oils derived from hemp, and you’ll feel the difference. If you’ve been smoking some good old kush because you thought marijuana had the highest CBD concentrations, read on and be prepared to find out otherwise.


Wait, What’s CBD?


If you don’t know what CBD is, you probably either live in a rock or have just been smoking weed for the high. Jokes aside, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids found in many cannabis plants. It’s become a popular substance mainly for its various properties and isn’t psychoactive like THC. You won’t get high from this cannabinoid, but you’ll definitely feel better from it.


Following the trend, farms and companies have begun to breed strains that are exceptionally high in CBD, with some hemp strains having more than 20% in concentration.


What’s the Difference Between CBD From Hemp and Marijuana?


CBD can be found in both marijuana and hemp plants alike, but there are a few more nuances to it than just that. You see, marijuana in dry weight generally has more CBD than its hemp counterpart, like many other cannabinoids. That’s where the common misconception of marijuana as the best CBD source comes from. However, all it takes is some processing of the hemp plant, and you’ve got CBD oil that’s more potent than even medicinal marijuana.


In terms of structure, though, CBD from hemp and marijuana are pretty much the same. You’ll get the same effects from both sources, so the only real difference maker here is which strain has more potency, and in oil form, hemp wins.


Isn’t CBD Oil Made from Industrial Hemp?


While there are many people who worry about the rumour that CBD oil comes from industrial hemp, even in cases where it does happen, you won’t be getting sick anytime soon, assuming no pesticides have been used on the plant. The extraction process is thorough enough that CBD oil can be even safer than smoking a roll of marijuana.


Can’t I Just Smoke Some Marijuana for CBD Instead?


Well, you obviously can, but there are certain benefits to getting your CBD doses from CBD oil rather than through smoking it. Arguably the biggest advantage to it over a joint is the fact that you can enjoy it in many different ways. It can be added to your coffee, mixed into your salad, or just consumed by itself. And that’s all without having to get high for it, which may be helpful if you want to be more productive afterward.


Marijuana can still be your go-to for your cannabinoid needs, but the hemp flower, and particularly CBD hemp oil, offer a great alternative that gives even more of the substance without any of the psychoactive effects.

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